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Results you can expect when working with Corporate Fit Coach


Chronic disease in the employee population we work with as compared to 49% national average!


Lower healthcare costs with our clients as compared to industry standard over a 5 year period.


Company cultural buy-in and commitment when you work with a dedicated Coach looking out for your success.

Why is Corporate Fit Coach Different?

The CFC training programs differs from that of a typical personal training program in not only our goals but the methodology used to achieve these goals.

We improve employee biometrics, but we also focus on business results, through:

  1. Increased productivity
  2. More engaged and focused employees.
  3. Less missed work
  4. Lower healthcare costs for the employers

Any typical working population will show a number of issues related to poor movement, mobility, stability, and motor control. Our Coaches asses these issues then align your program to address them.



Our Coaches are all educated and trained to improve the movement of the individuals according to the individual’s level of training experience.

Health Care Cost Savings

Through reduced pain and injury, improved biometrics, and a healthier population.

Increased Productivity

Functional Movement training and reduced pain levels has been shown to improve focus, problem solving, and  mental acuity.

Improved Team Engagement

Break down barriers through teamwork at it's roots: through sweat and hard work.


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