New Study: Health Coaches make the difference in Wellness Participation

We at Corporate Fit Coach are obviously huge advocates of using Coaches in the Corporate Wellness world. Our coaches are specifically trained in human movement and performance training, behavioral change, and health promotion. We believe having these coaches on-site as a resource for employees is what has driven our amazing results with our clients.

And new research conducted by HealthFitness has shown that health coaches have the biggest impact when it comes to wellness program participation!


Health coaching equals greater cost savings

HealthFitness found the following trend within their research population:

  • Overall, 30% of HealthFitness client participants enroll in coaching
  • 70% of cost savings come from coaching participants

We at Corporate Fit Coach have similar findings:

  • 40% of our population workout on average twice per week with a coach, 65% average at least once per week.
  • From this group we were able to derive over $6 million in healthcare cost savings despite 35% of the population not participating and 60% working out less than twice weekly.

HealthFitness clients whose wellness program participants worked with coaches recognized the incremental 6.1% of cost savings:

  • $586 – Average savings per year for coaching participants, or 11.3% of medical costs
  • $261 – Average savings per year for non-coached participants, or 5.2% of medical costs


Coached participants experience greater health benefits


HealthFitness findings:

  • On average, participants in coaching programs gained 70% less weight.
  • Nearly 20% worked with coaches and on average lost approximately 8 lbs.

Again, Corporate Fit Coach has similar findings:

  • In one year’s time, within a coaching population of just over 200 participants we were able to achieve 1,100lbs of weight loss.
  • Within the same year, we found an 89% reduction in pain symptoms within our coaching population.
  • In another round of research, we found that 33% of our coached employee were able to completely stop taking any type of previous medications prescribed for pain or chronic disease.


Program satisfaction rises with Coaches

According to a recent survey by HealthFitness, participants value coaching:

  • 93% are satisfied with their health coach
  • 90% reach their health goals
  • 91% are satisfied with resources, information and tools available online
  • 84% report improved productivity after working with their health coach

Corporate Fit Coach has received the same feedback:

  • 70% of employee turnover has come from employees not participating in coaching
  • 90% of top performers in a population of more than 500 employees were coaching program participants


Coaching has measurable impact on healthy behaviors

At Corporate Fit Coach, our coaches are trained in behavioral change techniques that establish good habits in employees everyday lives. We have found employees engaged in this type of coaching are not only more engaged in wellness, but more invested in the company itself as well.

A new study demonstrates such results as participants enrolled via live session stayed in the program longer, had more coaching sessions and, as a result, were more successful in building healthy, sustainable habits.


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