Wellness, Movement, and Fitness Coaching Programs

Gym Movement Training

Get your employees MOVING WELL and then MOVING MORE. Following this protocol will reduce the risk of injury in your employees. This is key to reducing healthcare costs of all types.


As your employees improve their movement, they will inherently move more and get the benefits of increased physical activity. Such an increase in activity will have vast benefits to your employees and company:


  • Healthier employees with decreased pain levels and injury risk
  • Decreased pain = Improved mood of employees
  • Improved mood = Better team building
  • Better team building = Increases in communication
  • Healthier employees = Less sick days/decreased presenteeism
  • All of this = Increased productivity levels

What to expect from your Coaching Program

  • Dedicated Coaches providing personalized instruction to your group
  • Training sessions set up around your population needs and shift schedules (number of daily/weekly sessions are customizable)
  • Programs customized to your employees' assessments and environment, whether we train in a gym, park, or conference room
  • Safe, fun, and effective training that adds employee productivity and dollars to your bottom line

10 Week Start-Up Pilot Program

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Customized Coaching Programs

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