Behavioral Change Based Education Programs Provide Real Results

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Lunch and learns aren't enough. Most Wellness educators don't go far enough.

Why waste your employees' time with simple lessons about obvious topics? On the other hand, why waste their time with complex topics that make no difference in their lives?

Instead, Corporate Fit Coach utilizes practical Wellness education based in behavioral change. When employees find it easy to establish healthy habits, both the company and individual will profit.

Sample Wellness Education Class Topics

  • The Perfect Diet: Practical nutrition for the real world
  • No Pain, More Gains: Training to rid yourself of pain
  • The Grocery Store Survival Guide
  • The Healing Diet: Anti-inflammatory eating
  • Training with the Lowest Possible Dosage
  • 3 Easy Steps to Fix You Diet
  • Why your diet isn't working and what to do about it
  • The Death of Calorie Counting: Portion control
  • And many, many more..

What to expect from our quarterly education programs

  • 13 Habit based behavioral change classes
  • Practical habit establishing activities to promote learning and change
  • Interactive classes and educational materials for each employee
  • The "Healthy Eating Hand-guide" for each employee who successfully completes the course
  • A Wellness education program based on results for both the employee and company alike

Individual Wellness Education Class

$99 per hour

Quarterly Wellness Education Program

$1,200 per quarter (13 classes)